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        Zhongshan Tonghui photoelectric is a professional R & D, production, sales of LED digital tube, digital color and all kinds of LED application products consisting mainly of professional companies, products are widely used in induction cooker, electric pressure cooker, electric water heater, electric fan, heater, air conditioning, DVB top machine box, and other small household electrical appliances industry.
        The company has more than 200 employees, including more than 30 high level, high degree of professional management personnel of research and development, and to establish a set of perfect quality management system, products have been exported to South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, enterprise management, scientific and stable production technology and reliable, strict quality control, to lay a solid the foundation for the high quality of the products.
        The company with excellent products, perfect pre-sale after sale service, has become the designated supplier for many famous large enterprises. We have the spirit of the city, really, and trustworthy, quality, efficiency, the Tonghui belief, to lead the fashion trend of home appliances color as the goal, production class products, to create excellent quality, dedicated to provide quality services to customers at home and abroad.
      Our company can according to customer requirements, on behalf of the development, design, open mold, production, all kinds of special LED digital color and product application.