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      • 23 2014-09
        LED digital Zhongshan Tonghui photoelectric Co., Ltd. tube ( LED Segment Displays ) is composed of a plurality of light emitting diode package in the device with a 8 font , lead connection has been completed in the internal , only leads to......
      • 23 2014-09
        Below by Zhongshan Tonghui photoelectric Co., Ltd. brief introduction what are the category LED display ? Probably many novice friend doesnt know the difference between an LED display screen , color , LED display screen , display performan......
      • 23 2014-09
        According to the general office of the State Council to inform the spirit , now the company in 2014 Labor Day holiday arrangement as follows: September 6th ( Saturday ) to September 8th ( star 期一)放假调休,共3天。 9月9日正式上班,放假时......
      • 23 2014-09
        1 , according to the way of controlling points : divided into control mode ( internal SCM , automatic power control mode ( color) and the need for external controller can change) . 2、按变化方式分:分为固定色彩的和七彩、全彩的;固定色彩的......
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